Michelle Fuller

February 5, 2022
I am amazed by the transformation I feel Blessed to Witness as I reflect upon the three and a half years I worked with Michelle as my therapist and consider how I continue to evolve as I discover new ways to Remember Who I Am and weave the fabric of my life accordingly. Michelle does a beautiful job of shining the lightso much lightto allow her client to truly access and connect to their Internal Guidance System, or Intuition, while opening to the experience of what it means to live authentically, and in alignment with ones Integrity. Michelle gave me the Gift of recognizing that as an Empath, or Highly Sensitive Person, the parts of myself that I feared, denied, subverted, and abandoned for so long comprised my Divine Soul Essence and indeed, constituted my own Gifts from God/Source. Through my work with Michelle, I accessed so many Keys to Sovereigntyfor instance, learning to Choose Love over Fear, and Choosing to lead a value-based life rooted in nurturance of the Self. As I developed my ability to connect to mySelf, Source and Others, I engaged in work to heal and reparent my inner child and learned how to walk Home to mySelf in times of emotional distress or overwhelm. It is my experience working with Michelle that has enabled me to cultivate ways of Being that allow me to access and discover how I can bring my Gifts forth in world through Service to Others.
- Jen A.

October 4, 2021
Michelle and I have been working together for a few months now. She is amazing! Each session she helps me work toward my goals and provides very detailed information. She follows up her sessions with an email recap with helpful links, articles, music, etc. She is a positive light and I am so thankful to have found her beautiful soul to accompany me on this journey!
-Casie H.

July 29, 2021
I'm so lucky to have stumbled onto Michelle to help me work with my BS. I'm growing by leaps and bounds with her guidance and insight. 
-Naomi P.

June 15, 2021
Michelle is amazing! She listens, validates and provides thought provoking insight and perspective. I am forever grateful she is on this journey with me. 

December 18, 2020
Michelle has helped me so much. I am so grateful for her! 
-David H.

December 18, 2020
I worked with Michelle for 4 years. I didn't know I was struggling with symptoms of trauma and bringing trauma responses into my life and into my relationships when I met her. She helped me identify all of this. Michelle helped me figure out who I actually am, and what I am called to do in my life. She helped me learn to determine what my standards are for myself and to ask for those standards to be met in all areas of my life, mostly from myself. She has taught me so much and I am so grateful to her. I highly recommend Michelle. I feel like she is the first person in my life who really saw me and understood me, and really wanted me to succeed in my life. She has been such a gift to me and to my son, also. I feel like he has his true mother and I can give him the guidance he needs And deserves. 

October 10, 2020