March 13, 2023

Working with Michelle has opened up a world of intention, trust, self-discovery, and relational proficiency for me. After just a few months, I feel rejuvenated and excited about all this life has to offer me, and the abundance I have to explore within and beyond it. Michelle's guidance has unlocked a sense of individual and collective purpose, belonging, and meaning in a way that I have never before experienced. I have never in my life felt so simultaneously at peace and full of passion on both physical and energetic levels. Michelle's personal journey and hard work clearly informs her breathtaking connection to self

October 4, 2021

Michelle and I have been working together for a few months now. She is amazing! Each session she helps me work toward my goals and provides very detailed information. She follows up her sessions with an email recap with helpful links, articles, music, etc. She is a positive light and I am so thankful to have found her beautiful soul to accompany me on this journey!
-Casie H.

June 28, 2023
Michelle has truly transformed my outlook on life over the past year and a half. I came into our first session overwhelmed with life, a negative outlook on myself and the world, extremely depressed and felt like I had lost myself completely over the last 5 years. We started slow and she met me where I was at. She guided me (and continues to guide me) to find all the answers I needed! She helped me find my core values, build my self identity, and so much more. She helped me track my thoughts to find all my negative self talk that I havent been able to see before her. I saw traditional therapists 10+ years and have NEVER got these type of results before. My favorite thing about her sessions is that you can go into a spiritual deep dive if thats what you want that week, or you can have a venting/therapy session. Everything is based on what YOU need out of the session. Thank you, Michelle!! I dont know where I would be without you!

July 29, 2021

Im so lucky to have stumbled onto Michelle to help me work with my BS. Im growing by leaps and bounds with her guidance and insight.
-Naomi P.

February 4, 2022

I was doubtful that I would find someone that I would click with on Noomii so I was quite relieved to have found Michelle. I felt at ease with her right away. Her wisdom, kindness and expertise have helped me immensely. I feel fully heard and seen during our meetings and leave them feeling more empowered and purposeful. I highly recommend Michelle if you need a loving and honest helping hand on your journey to your true, free self. She is an awesome support to have on your side.

December 18, 2020
I worked with Michelle for 4 years. I didn't know I was struggling with symptoms of trauma and bringing trauma responses into my life and into my relationships when I met her. She helped me identify all of this. Michelle helped me figure out who I actually am, and what I am called to do in my life. She helped me learn to determine what my standards are for myself and to ask for those standards to be met in all areas of my life, mostly from myself. She has taught me so much and I am so grateful to her. I highly recommend Michelle. I feel like she is the first person in my life who really saw me and understood me, and really wanted me to succeed in my life. She has been such a gift to me and to my son, also. I feel like he has his true mother and I can give him the guidance he needs And deserves. 


June 15, 2021

Michelle is amazing! She listens, validates and provides thought provoking insight and perspective. I am forever grateful she is on this journey with me. 


October 10, 2020


June 15, 2021

Michelle has helped me so much. I am so grateful for her!
 -David H. 

March 21, 2023
I started with my first therapist at 17 years old and have been in and out of therapy my entire adult life. I consider myself a healer, empath, seeker of wisdom and life long learner. In my past experiences with therapist/counselors/social workers/psychologist/psychiatrist, I felt I was never given the space to be completely vulnerable and honest because of my shame, my guilt, my past is too much for anyone to hear. I can now say for the first time in my life, I have been gifted with Michelle and she has been guiding me on releasing that shame and guilt we all carry. She has been guiding my path for over a year now and I can honestly say, I am not sure where I would be without her. Michelle has shown me all my healing and all my gifts are within me this whole time. I am learning to trust myself and my knowing. Michelle has been extremely professional and yet my friend and my sister. Michelle has been flexible with her schedule and available at unconventional times when needed. Her prices are beyond fair and I know she puts in a lot of extra time on the side as she writes up sessions, sends documents and homework as needed, to do at my own pace. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone seeking to find their deepest truth and healing. She is a true healer and guide on Mother Earth; a shinning star, full of energy and light. So incredible thankful for YOU sister xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

- Trudy

February 5, 2022
I am amazed by the transformation I feel Blessed to Witness as I reflect upon the three and a half years I worked with Michelle as my therapist and consider how I continue to evolve as I discover new ways to Remember Who I Am and weave the fabric of my life accordingly. Michelle does a beautiful job of shining the light so much lightto allow her client to truly access and connect to their Internal Guidance System, or Intuition, while opening to the experience of what it means to live authentically, and in alignment with ones Integrity. Michelle gave me the Gift of recognizing that as an Empath, or Highly Sensitive Person, the parts of myself that I feared, denied, subverted, and abandoned for so long comprised my Divine Soul Essence and indeed, constituted my own Gifts from God/Source. Through my work with Michelle, I accessed so many Keys to Sovereigntyfor instance, learning to Choose Love over Fear, and Choosing to lead a value-based life rooted in nurturance of the Self. As I developed my ability to connect to mySelf, Source and Others, I engaged in work to heal and reparent my inner child and learned how to walk Home to mySelf in times of emotional distress or overwhelm. It is my experience working with Michelle that has enabled me to cultivate ways of Being that allow me to access and discover how I can bring my Gifts forth in world through Service to Others.

- Jen A.